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                            Beijing Shougao High Pressure Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
                            • Beijing Shougao High Pressure Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
                            • Beijing Shougao High Pressure Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
                            • Beijing Shougao High Pressure Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
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                                Beijing high pressure valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. formerly known as the Chinese people's Liberation Army 8062 valve factory, founded in 2003, in 1982 changed to joint-stock enterprises and changed its name to the first high pressure valve plant in Beijing.
                                Beijing first high pressure valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the valve research, design, development, manufacturing and sales of enterprises, located in Beijing's Daxing Yufa industrial zone and experience for many years specializing in the production of valves. Plant covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, production area of 12000 square meters. The existing staff of 138 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 30, including 3 senior engineers, the company's existing all kinds of mechanical processing equipment more than 100 Taiwan (sets), with CAD valve design center, technology consultation center and the quality of the valve inspection and testing center, with material chemical analysis, mechanical properties test, ultrasonic thickness gauge, magnetic particle testing, penetration testing and high pressure valve performance testing machine.
                                In addition to the raw material is purchased from qualified suppliers, all the valve parts are manufactured by themselves. The company is meticulous in all production processes, even with extremely harsh testing means to ensure product accuracy and parts of the interchange. To prolong the service life of the valve, the valve sealing surface of imports of surfacing stellite alloy and hard faced, and effectively protect the various valve seal pair sealing performance can be guaranteed. Therefore, the title of Chinese famous brand products and the national quality inspection of qualified products are obtained.
                                Our factory has perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service agencies, production technology and marketing services to all of the advanced computer management, and has obtained ISO9001-2000 certification and the people's Republic of China State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued, pressure pipe and special equipment manufacturing license, the product is widely as sentinel manufacturing suppliers, such as China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum Sales Corporation, China Chemical Equipment Corporation, State Power Corporation supplies Bureau, China Water Conservancy and electric power material Co., Ltd., North China electric power administration, Guohua Power China energy fuel materials limited liability company unit level supplier absorption of domestic and foreign enterprises. Products are widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, construction, municipal and other industries for many years, and the quality of the products has been known all over the country, and are exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions.
                                First high adhere to the integrity, pragmatic, innovative ideas, and constantly apply new materials, new technology, new technology, the development of new varieties, for the majority of users to provide better quality products and more perfect after sales service.

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