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                            High pressure valve material selection

                            First, the overview of high pressure valve

                            The ultra high pressure technology has been widely used in petroleum chemical industry, chemical industry, isostatic pressing processing, processing technology, super hard material manufacture, ultra high hydrostatic extrusion, metal forming, powder metallurgy, geophysical and geological science research field. Due to the wide use of high pressure technology, the performance of ultra-high pressure valve in the ultra-high pressure system directly affects the safety, reliability, working efficiency and service life of the whole system. It is particularly important for those systems which need frequent pressurization and pressure relief.

                            The main failure causes of the ultra high pressure valve, cavitation and erosion wear, and the impact of cavitation and erosion of many factors, mainly the mechanical properties of materials, fluid mechanics and environmental impact. To improve the valve resistance to cavitation erosion and erosion of the ability to use a number of methods.

                            Two, high pressure valve material selection

                            In order to improve the ability of anti erosion wear of ultra-high pressure valve, the selection of corrosion resistant material:

                            1, high hardness of the material

                            2, high fatigue strength of the material.

                            3, the yield point is high, the stability of the material

                            4, there are acid resistant protective film material

                            In order to prolong the service life of the high pressure valve, the working condition of the high pressure valve should be considered.

                            1, installation or replacement of the needle to make proper cleaning of the. In order to avoid into the debris, accelerated wear of the needle.

                            2, to avoid the valve in the high temperature medium, medium temperature effect on the life of the valve, the higher the medium temperature, the shorter the life of the valve, and vice versa. Therefore, the pressure relief valve in the cooling device, can also significantly improve the life of the valve.

                            3, to avoid the valve in the small opening work, if the needle valve opening L Cheng or open slowly, work in a small opening, the throttle gap is small, severe erosion, appropriate to increase the pitch of the locking mechanism of the lock and increase the opening speed and lift, work opening increases envoys flow gap, erosion weakened, improve service life.

                            4, timing filter high pressure medium and clean filter, add liquid to make use of filter to filter. Frequently used, should be appropriate to shorten the cycle. Cleaning the tank regularly, and the replacement of the new media, according to the actual situation of the equipment can shorten the cleaning and changing period.

                            5, under different pressure, use and the corresponding sealing pressure, to choose suitable sealing pressure ratio, lock using a torque wrench, or to achieve automatic control valve so as to avoid valve needle in has not received scouring abrasion and valve seat extruding and injury.

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