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                            Enhance the comprehensive service ability

                            Throughout the country, the demand for natural gas continued high temperatures, making the filling stations have become a rapid development of the industry.

                            In recent years, with the increasing of natural gas demand in the market, accelerate the natural gas filling stations in the pace of development, and the current domestic Hebei and other provinces have introduced administrative measures on filling station, filling station siting approval authority delegated, and more to stimulate the development of China's natural gas filling station.

                            Natural gas filling stations in the process of building, the need for a lot of supporting facilities, including the skid mounted filling device, box type filling device, mobile gas filling device, high pressure valve, etc.. The rapid development of CNG station, from a certain point of view, but also to promote the development of related industries, the high-pressure valve as filling stations must have control and connect the device has become the fueling station are one of the most important parts. In recent years, the country continued to strengthen the safety supervision of filling stations, so that the most important part of the high pressure valve has become the focus of attention of the object.

                            We know, now most of the natural gas filling stations are compressed natural gas, is often said that the CNG, CNG has a very high pressure, so security is the establishment of a gas station must to be considered an important factor, and is used to control the gas filling station of each part, so as to ensure the safety, such as high-pressure valve in the valve, ball valve, check valve, plunger valve, and so on are fueling station are very important components. So for filling stations in the selection and use of high pressure valve, the relationship between the whole filling station system security and stability, the choice of products must be carefully.

                            In the past, high pressure valve patent generally in foreign countries, some valves for domestic use are also dependent on imports, lack of the capability of independent innovation and independent production ability makes our country in this field has been difficult. Up to now many domestic CNG filling stations in the application of the valve are imported high-pressure valve. In recent years, economic development has made a lot of enterprises began to increase research and development efforts, and constantly promote the production of high pressure valve, trying to get a firm foothold in the market of high pressure valve.

                            At present, our country has a lot of work in the natural gas industry and comprehensive service company, the Beijing vasant electromechanical Co., Ltd. is one professional a, one of natural gas valve fittings is the company's main products, the company has multiple brands, in promoting the aerated station construction process also contributed no small role.

                            High pressure valve this product although modest, but it also cannot be ignored, due to the increasing emphasis on safety, making more and more filling station attention to security issues, and for the requirements of high-pressure valve is becoming more and more high, it can be said, the high pressure valve can really improve the filling station comprehensive service ability escort to.

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