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                            Need to improve technology to reduce imports

                            The valve industry in China has its own market and the industrial chain, but also fixed categories of products and suppliers, but in the international market is always very difficult to occupy the own grounds. Domestic high pressure valves rely on imports to address the needs of the market for its products, which is not conducive to the production of domestic high-tech valve products, but also increased dependence on foreign investors.

                            Up to now, China's valve business as a whole marketing level is still in the initial stage of the world, there is no brand, no technological innovation capability, but also on the control of the industrial chain. Mainly reflected in the sales channels of a single, resource integration awareness is not strong, product quality management, on-site production management is not effective methods and measures can not achieve effective control.

                            Europe and the United States and other countries of the valve industry is to quality, reasonable profit, for customer service, establish the credibility of enterprises for the purpose, organization, education staff and enterprise management; to each valve project, and to the production process control and management unit to control, to ensure the quality and performance of each valve. These factors caused the domestic industry and the developed countries there is still a big gap.

                            Shanghai high pressure valve, low valve can not support in the future, specialising in the design and development, is the important way in the future industrial development, spare no effort to promote the construction of valve automation science and technology innovation center, to create the traditional valve industry to upgrade the platform, development of sophisticated products such as valves, bellows globe valve, control valve, regulating valve. At the same time to speed up the speed of the cultivation of industry leading enterprises, establish a national brand influence in the world, bigger and stronger China's valve industry.

                            Valve product market trend

                            With oil development to the mainland and offshore oil fields oil transfer, and electric power industry by 30 million kw of thermal power to 30 million kw of thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development, valve products should also be based on changes in device applications and the corresponding changes in its performance and parameters.

                            2. Urban systems generally use a large number of low-pressure valve, and to the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving, low iron gate that is used in the past gradually shifted the environment-friendly plastic sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve and the center line butterfly valve seal transition. Oil, gas pipeline project to the direction of development, which requires a large number of flat gate valve and ball valve.

                            3 energy development on the other side is the energy conservation, so from the perspective of energy conservation, to develop the steam trap, and to the development of sub critical and supercritical parameters of the high.

                            4 power plant construction to large-scale development, so the need for large diameter and high pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve, but also need to quickly open and close the valve.

                            5 complete sets of engineering needs, the valve supply from a single variety to the multi species and multi specification development. A project required by the valve, by a valve manufacturer to provide all of the trend is growing.

                            China's valve industry development momentum is fierce, but in the industry situation is excellent background, some problem is worth worrying about, especially domestic enterprises valve mainly low-level, small-scale, family workshop type enterprises. This is a great limit to the future development of China's valve industry is a bottleneck. At present, China's production of the valve part of the enterprise has reached the international advanced level. Although the overall level of China's valve industry has been greatly improved, but still not stable enough, such as running, running, dripping, leakage phenomenon often occurs in the domestic valve. In addition, the supporting capacity of China's valve is still a certain gap compared with the developed countries.

                            Valve market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, some ordinary valve products market has become saturated, there is oversupply situation, which makes the development of small and medium enterprises more difficult. And even the relatively high technology content of products in the international market competition is also very fierce. At present, China in the valve market, has been able to provide a variety of products: such as heating valve, environmental protection valve, building with the valve, etc.. But in the field of high pressure valve is still rely on imports, which is the future of China's valve needs to force a breakthrough in the field, in order to truly promote the development of China's valve industry.

                            Starting in 2012, the end of the valve localization of the road has become very difficult. The current infrastructure has become a restricted domestic manufacturing to high-end development of the short board, China's domestic production of high-end equipment parts during the 12th Five Year Plan will further increase. China's various sub sectors of the valve replacement of the feasibility of the valve is very large, the need for more policy guidance and scientific research to support the high-end valve, the future of the domestic valve industry has shown a good development prospects.

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